Hearing Protection

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What types of hearing protection are out there for shooters?

Hearing Protection

When it comes to hearing protection for shooters, there are many different choices available. Deciding which kind to purchase has a lot to do with what works best in a given situation, as well as personal preference.

Since the loud noise that accompanies gunfire can cause permanent hearing damage, it is crucial to find protection that will be comfortable to use. Safety organizations such as the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health even recommend that hunters and shooters wear both muffs and plugs to increase hearing protection.

Some people like to use earplugs due to their compact nature. If inserted properly they can be an effective and inexpensive choice. Other people prefer to use muffs, which come in a wide range of models and styles. Electronic muffs are the more costly choice, but many serious shooters opt to spend a little more for them as they feel they are better quality. Standard muffs are also a good investment and are a popular option for the range. What works well for one person may not for another, so it can be a smart idea to try out various styles to see what you like best.



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