Storing Ammo

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What are some things to consider when storing ammo?

Storing Ammo

Ammunition storage is an important part of owning any firearm. Keeping things organized and safe are two priorities when it comes to selecting a storage container. You will also want to invest in a case that will hold up well over time.

There are varieties of different storage boxes designed to hold everything from handgun ammo to shotgun shells. Look for sturdy construction and warp-free materials. You may also want to consider a box with a lock on it for additional safety. Locking boxes can prevent people from tampering with your ammo as well as keep it from spilling accidentally should the box be knocked over.

Shell pouches offer a convenient mobile storage option for cartridges when you are going out shooting, and most are designed to fit on a belt or come with a waist strap. There are also bags designed specifically for those who shoot skeet. Leather is a popular choice in terms of material as it is both sturdy and attractive.



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