Competition Gear

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What is a good way to keep my competition shooting gear organized?

Competition Gear

If you compete or go to the range frequently, there is nothing like having your gun and accessories well organized. This can help you concentrate on the task and ensure you bring everything you need with you. Competition shooting gear comes in many forms, but the bag is a central piece of that picture.

From small cartridge bags to full-size range bags, these containers provide storage and transport for your important items; including your hearing and eye protection, ammunition and other things. Many have features such as adjustable dividers, zippered pockets and adjustable straps so that you can arrange things as you see fit.

Range bags are great for storing all of your gear in one spot so that when you are ready to go shoot you can just grab the bag and head on out. Some people prefer nylon bags because they are durable and lightweight, but there are many different options available. To find the right bag for you, think about how much gear you typically bring and match the size of your bag accordingly.



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