Shooting Safety

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What should I know about hunting rifle shooting safety?

Shooting Safety

There is much to understand about firearm safety, especially where hunting rifles are concerned. In addition to carrying your hunting rifle muzzle down and raising it to the shooting position only when you intend to aim and fire on a target, there are additional safety concerns to remember. The most important is your visibility to other hunters in the area. Wearing bright safety orange clothing is the best way to avoid being put into someone else's line of fire. Other hunters who see bright orange know not to aim at targets in the vicinity.

Your visibility is important, but it's also crucial to avoid firing your hunting rifle at high elevations where the bullet could travel its full range. Even at a mile away, a bullet fired from a hunting rifle can injure another person under the right circumstances. It's important to know not only what you are aiming at, but also where the bullet will go should you miss.



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