Basic Gun Safety: Practice Makes Perfect

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How often should I practice with my pistol?

Basic Gun Safety: Practice Makes Perfect

Whether you are considering the purchase of 22 caliber pistols, 9mm handguns or any other type of firearm, there are obvious safety issues associated with handguns. But what about the safety issues which aren't so obvious? If you are buying a firearm for personal protection, basic gun safety should also include knowing how to properly handle your weapon when you're called upon to use it. Are you prepared to fire directly at a target should you need to?

People living in apartment buildings and residential areas don't have the luxury of firing a "warning shot;" the danger of hitting innocent people in such circumstances is far too great. Part of the responsibility in owning a firearm is having the judgment required to pull the trigger when the situation requires it and pistol practice should be considered a safety issue. Use your pistol until you feel comfortable enough to handle the firearm as an extension of your body rather than a strange foreign object. Without practice handling your pistols, you risk missing your target and injuring someone else.



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