Annual Gun Cleaning And Storage

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What should I do before putting my gun away for the season?

Annual Gun Cleaning And Storage

Cleaning your gun periodically is important, and giving it a thorough once-over before putting it away for the season can be a great way to ensure it stays in good shape for many years. If you hunt or only use your firearm on a seasonal basis, storage is a key issue as well. In the world of gun cleaning how-to, there is almost nothing more important than an in-depth, yearly inspection of your firearm. If you do this before storing it, you will prolong the life of the materials.

After you have cleaned and inspected your firearm, it is time to stow it away until the next season. All guns should be stored without ammunition in them for safety reasons, and they should be placed somewhere that children and others do not have access to them. There are many safety issues to consider when storing a firearm, but in terms of keeping it clean you need only worry about a protective container. Store it in a hard or soft case and make sure to place it in an area that will not see extremes of temperature.



12/8/2008 7:33:31 PM
Deb Otermat said:

We have a huge cabinet between our bedroom & bath. This closet is in a good place for safety & access. I am thinking about having the back side open to our bedroom & turned into a gun safe. Which would be pretty much hidden away. I am concerned though about the heat or cold. This space is a cool area in the winter as it is just above our basement backdoor entrance.Would you adcise having this turned into a gun safe? Thank You, Deb Otermat


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