Inspecting The Bore

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How can I do a visual inspection of the bore?

Inspecting The Bore

Whether you own side by side shotguns or other guns that can suffer from a bore obstruction, it pays to do a visual inspection before loading your ammunition. This should be done in addition to performing regular cleanings. Excess oil, grease and mud are just some of the many different substances that can cause blockage in the bore area, and a quick inspection can help you make sure that the gun is safe to fire. While it doesn't truly qualify as a "cleaning," it can save you from having issues with your firearm.

When inspecting the bore, it is crucial to make sure that the gun is not loaded and that the chamber does not hold any ammunition. Also, remember that it is important to avoid looking down the muzzle end; always check at the receiver end for safety reasons. In addition, be sure to follow the directions in your gun manual in terms of removing any blockages and follow any warnings that are pointed out by the manufacturer. Keeping the bore of your gun clear will help prevent any excess buildup of materials.



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