What is the Difference Between Aiming a Pistol and a Rifle?

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What is the difference between aiming a pistol and a rifle?

What is the Difference Between Aiming a Pistol and a Rifle?

Learning how a gun works includes getting an education on the science of proper aim. Hunting rifles are easier for beginners to learn shooting and aiming with because the stock allows greater stability when aiming. Pistols and handguns are tougher for newcomers to learn good aim techniques with because handguns don't have a butt or stock to place against the body to assist with stabilizing the gun. New handgun users must often use their non-trigger hand to help stabilize the pistol and keep it level.

Aim is a combination of horizontal and vertical placement of the barrel, plus minimizing vibration or movements caused by breathing and shifting on the feet. The rifle is easier to handle since the butt of the gun is anchored against the body, creating a more stable shooting platform. The handgun must be balanced at the end of the arms and requires more practice to stabilize. Once a shooter learns to hold their breath before firing, stabilize the body with or without an external platform to lean against, and use the gun sights properly, shooting becomes much easier whether using a rifle or handgun.



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