What is a Single Action Handgun?

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What is a single action pistol?

What is a Single Action Handgun?

Single action handguns are different than double action pistols because they must be racked by pulling the charging slide back to chamber the first bullet. Once the trigger is pulled the gun re-cocks itself. The same pressure is applied for the first shot and each subsequent trigger pull thanks to the cocking action. Gun shoppers can find pistols made with single action only, but also guns made with a combination of single and double action.

These double action/single action pistols require more trigger pressure for the first shot since the trigger pull is both cocking the pistol and firing. Each shot after the first is done with much less pressure on the trigger. Depending on the model, you may find pistols in this category which have the option to be cocked for the first shot, so less trigger pressure is required.



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