What is a Double Action Handgun?

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What is a double action handgun?

What is a Double Action Handgun?

Double action handguns are those where the trigger pull cocks the gun and releases the hammer in the same movement. There are two basic types of handguns that use double-action. One is a double-action only pistol. Handgun manufacturers build this gun so that every shot requires the same amount of pressure on the trigger. Shooters pull the trigger and fire the same way every time.

The other type of double action pistol is a combination of single action and double action. Shooters must use more pressure to fire the first shot than with each consecutive firing of the pistol until the clip is empty. Shooters have the option of manually cocking the gun to avoid having to use more trigger pressure for that first shot. When the gun is manually cocked, it needs less pressure to fire, and in some cases that reduced pressure requirement can result in more accurate shooting.



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