Gun Cleaning

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How often should I clean my gun?

Gun Cleaning

Believe it or not, having a clean firearm should be considered a safety issue. Every time a pistol is fired, deposits and residue are left inside the firearm. The more those deposits are allowed to accumulate inside your pistol, hunting rifle or semiautomatic rifle, the more difficult it becomes for the moving parts inside your gun to function properly. Eventually those moving parts can get stuck or become immobilized unless the firearm is cleaned.

A clean gun should be considered a safety issue because the firearm can't be trusted unless it is in full working order. Unpredictability with firearms can and does have deadly consequences. Always clean a firearm after it has been used. Don't take a gun to the range or out to the field a second time without a proper cleaning, including the use of a bore brush and degreaser. If your gun has been damaged or is getting excess wear and tear on crucial moving parts, sometimes the only way you'll spot the problem is during the cleaning process. It's important to know your firearm inside and out; proper cleaning is the first step in that understanding.



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