How To Clear A Jammed Pistol

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Why do pistols jam?

How To Clear A Jammed Pistol

Revolver guns rarely jam because of the way they are designed. The revolving cylinder puts the bullet in place perfectly so that it can be fired with no problems. Semiautomatic rifles and pistols with spring-loaded clips tend to jam from time to time because the next round to enter the chamber doesn't slot into place properly. This can happen because the casing from the previous round is still trapped in the firing chamber, or when the bullets are not properly seated in the clip.

If you attempt to fire your pistol and experience a jamming problem, slap the bottom of the magazine with your palm, then charge the pistol by pulling back the charging slide and ejecting the round or casing. In most cases this should do the trick. If you still have a problem, unload the clip and re-rack the pistol several times until you see the casing or round exit the firearm. Reload the clip and try again. Further jamming problems could be due to a mechanical problem with the pistol which needs attention from a gunsmith.



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