How Revolvers Work

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How do revolvers work?

How Revolvers Work

Revolvers use an older design than the 9mm handguns or other semiautomatic pistols on the market today. Revolver handguns don't feature a clip; they use a six-chamber cylinder to hold the ammunition. The same principle is used to fire the gun; the bullet has a small explosive charge activated when the trigger is pulled, causing the hammer to strike the primer end of the bullet. When the firing pin on the hammer hits the primer, the mini explosion that results forces the bullet out of the barrel of the gun.

There are single-action revolver guns where the trigger must be pulled to cock the hammer back, but most people are familiar with double-action revolvers where you can cock the hammer by hand, then pull the trigger quickly and easily. Every time you pull the trigger on a revolver handgun, the cylinder is rotated to bring the next round into position for firing. Once you have used up all six shots, reloading starts by moving the cylinder into the reload position so that it hangs outside the gun. An ejector rod helps get the old casings out of the cylinder so you can load another six rounds. An optional item for revolver handguns is called a speed-loader which lets you load all six chambers at once instead of having to replace bullets one at a time.



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