How A Gun Works: An Overview

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What are the basic components of all guns?

How A Gun Works: An Overview

Once hunting rifles, shotguns, or pistols leave the firearms manufacturer, they are basically ready for an experienced gun owner to use. There are many types of guns, but the basics of how a gun works in a general level are the same. Whether you use a carbine, revolver handguns, or semiautomatic rifles, all guns have four basic components;

  1. Ammunition storage (a clip, magazine or cylinder)
  2. Sight system to aid in aiming at a target
  3. A chamber or for the bullet about to be fired (revolvers use a rotating chamber)
  4. A firing system
These are the basics: depending on the make and model of your firearm your individual components may function quite differently. Revolvers have a fixed sight, but you will encounter firearms with adjustable sights to help ensure accuracy when firing. The ammunition loading system for a revolver is quite different than for over and under shotguns, which also differ from hunting rifles. Each firearm will feature the four basic components listed here, but you'll need to become familiar with the features of your specific firearm for best results.



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