Additional Shooting Gear

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What are some additional shooting gear items to consider for warmth and comfort outdoors?

Additional Shooting Gear

Shooting gear isn't limited to grips and cases. In addition to the regular clothing items such as jackets, pants and vests, there are additional items that you may want to consider if you spend a lot of time outdoors. Here are some other things that can be helpful:

  • Gloves. Look for ones that are water resistant and that allow for good mobility.
  • Socks. Wool blends are a good choice for their ability to wick water and sweat away from skin. Thick socks can also help insulate your feet and keep you warm.
  • Shoes. Boots are the most popular choice overall, but other shoes also work well. Look for a good tread and water resistance. If you spend a lot of time shooting in a wet area, you may want to invest in a good pair of rubber boots as well to ensure your feet stay dry.
  • Belts. Although this may seem like a low-priority item, it can be an important one. If you use a pouch for shells that fits on a belt, you'll want to make sure the one you own is sturdy. Leather is a good pick.
If you outfit yourself well for the outdoors, you can spend more time focusing in on shooting and less time trying to stay warm and dry. If you pay a little bit of attention to socks, shoes and gloves, it can make your outing far more pleasurable than it might have been otherwise.



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