Shooting Apparel

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What are some clothing items to consider for shooting?

Shooting Apparel

In addition to caps and jackets, you can consider other important apparel elements because shooting isn't all scope mounts and ammo. Shirts, pants and sweaters are all clothing that can add to the outdoor experience by making you more comfortable in bad weather conditions. Take a good look at your basic clothing and see if you can upgrade it to enhance your comfort level.

Waterproof pants and field chaps can come in handy in wet weather or if you hunt in a damp environment. Some people like bib style pants that feature shoulder straps and extra insulation. Various hunting shirts are also available and they range from those that offer camouflage patterns to those that have vents and large pockets sewn in as part of the design.

Sweaters can offer additional protection in cold weather. Look for wool or wool blends for a combination of warmth and comfort. There are also fleece shirts and lighter jackets available for those days that are a little too warm for a full jacket. Many clothing items that are designed specifically for shooters offer additional pockets for storage, and some even feature wind resistant fabrics, which can be a great thing on a blustery day.



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