Shooting Vests

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How can I choose a shooting vest?

Shooting Vests

Shooting vests are a key piece of clothing and have a variety of different features. Skeet and trap shooters use them as well as hunters and the vests come in a wide range of different styles. Many have large pockets for ammunition as well as various compartments to store other gear while keeping it accessible.

An adjustable fit is an important factor in a vest, as you must wear it over the clothing on your body. Try to find something that will work with a light shirt as well as a heavy jacket so that you can use it all year if needed. This type of versatility will ultimately save you money in the end, even if you pay a little bit more up front.

Some vests are ventilated and constructed with mesh while others offer a solid fabric. Padding is also offered in some vests, which can be a great feature as well if you need it for shock absorption. Vests also offer additional protection against scrapes and cuts from thick brush if you are an outdoor hunter, so consider the material before making a final choice.



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