Firing Outdoors

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What happens if I miss my shot outdoors?

Firing Outdoors

Shooting a hunting rifle, shotgun or pistol outdoors requires special attention to safety issues. One area new shooters should become especially familiar with is the range of their firearm. When aiming at a target, how far will the bullet travel if you miss? What is the effective deadly range of 9mm handguns? Know the ranges for all the guns you shoot and respect the power of an unobstructed bullet to travel to the full extent of that range with deadly force.

You should also take care to avoid aiming at targets surrounded by ricochet potential. What is behind that target? Will the bullet become embedded in trees or go flying into the unknown? Will the bullet puncture through an object behind your target and keep going? How hard is the surface behind your target? Firing at a body of water is just as dangerous as shooting at hard objects. A bullet can ricochet off the surface of a lake or pond easily. New firearm owners should never assume they will hit targets each and every time. Know the consequences of a missed shot before you pull the trigger.



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