Shooting Outdoors

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Should I unload my gun before crossing a stream or climbing a tree?

Shooting Outdoors

When using shotguns, pistols or hunting rifles outside, gun owners will encounter situations where they need to transport their guns across streams, up trees or hillsides, or other terrain where the handling of a loaded firearm can become a safety issue. When transporting a firearm across terrain, the muzzle should never be pointed skyward; always carry your gun muzzle down. Handle your gun in such a way that, should you trip or fall, you have as much control over where the muzzle will point as possible.

When crossing streams, stop and unload the firearm first. Never transport a loaded shotgun or pistol across a body of water. The same rule applies for climbing trees, hillsides or other areas where you may be required to handle the gun in any non-standard way. Don't take a chance on accidentally pointing the muzzle of a loaded gun at another person when navigating terrain. The time you spend unloading and reloading the firearm is an investment in your own safety and that of your fellow shooters.



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