How Should I Unload a Clip?

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How should I unload my 9mm handgun?

How Should I Unload a Clip?

When unloading sub compact pistols, 9mm handguns or other clip-loaded firearms, it is important to remove the clip to unload the gun rather than ejecting the shells one by one from the ejection port. You should exercise caution when ejecting the round in the chamber of the gun; do not eject "one-handed" with your other hand covering the ejection port to catch the round. Clearing a 9mm handgun or sub compact pistol in this manner can cause an accidental discharge if your hand slips while ejecting the chambered round.

When unloading a firearm, do not touch the trigger, and do not allow the chambered round to fall to the ground from a standing position. Instead, place the gun close to the ground or the surface where you are clearing the firearm. Don't let the round impact a hard surface if possible, eject into grass, your cleaning rags or some other soft area for maximum safety.



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