Hunting Rifle Safety: Telescopic Sights

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Can I use my telescopic sight to scan a hunting area?

Hunting Rifle Safety: Telescopic Sights

One of the first thing hunting rifle owners learn about gun safety is to keep the muzzle pointed at the ground when not actively using the gun, but some owners overlook an equally important safety factor when using telescopic sights. When hunting, it's best to carry a pair of binoculars for long-range spotting rather than relying on the telescopic sight mounted on a hunting rifle. If you use the sight on your hunting rifle, you're required to bring the gun to a firing position. What happens if you spot other hunters in your scope while surveying or tracking before you're ready to fire?

When you put other people in your sights, your hunting rifle is aimed at them. Regardless of whether you were tracking or actively pursuing a target, using the scope in this fashion puts you in violation of the number one rule of hunting; never point the rifle at something unless you intend to fire. Carry a pair of binoculars and you avoid this problem completely.



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