Safely Transporting Firearms

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How should I transport my firearms?

Safely Transporting Firearms

There is only one way to safety transport your 22 caliber pistol, shotgun or hunting rifle. All guns should first be cleared by visually inspecting the barrel, chamber and clip to make sure no ammunition is loaded. Once you have verified the gun is empty, it is considered clear for transport. Put the safety on, and put the gun into its travel case. Always transport a pistol or shotgun in the trunk of your vehicle with the ammunition separate from the firearm.

You should never hand carry a sub compact pistol or hunting rifle into a public place loaded or without a carrying case. Doing so is not just unsafe, it may be illegal depending on where you live. State and local ordinances may carry steep fines for failure to comply with firearm laws. Gun safety rules in Texas, for example, prohibit the carrying of weapons within certain distances of schools, establishments which sell liquor and other areas spelled out by state law. You may have a permit to carry firearms, but you are still obligated to transport them in a safe, legal manner.



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