Hearing Protection

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Should I wear hearing protection when firing?

Hearing Protection

Those new to shotguns, 9mm pistols or other firearms aren't prepared for how loud firearms are when fired. This is especially true when firing indoors at a shooting range, but even outside the noise is too high to be exposed to without protection. Hearing damage can occur with exposure to any sound above 85 decibels depending on the length and severity of that exposure. Gunshots are rated at around 150 decibels depending on the caliber fired, so hearing protection is crucial to preventing damage to the ears whether on the range or in the field.

Often it's not the single loud noise of a gun being fired that causes hearing damage, but rather the prolonged exposure to these loud sounds. There are two kinds of protection shooters can use: in-ear plugs and headset-style ear protectors. Many experienced gun owners prefer to wear both for better ear safety. Gun safety rules require you to respect the power of your hunting rifle, pistol, or shotgun. Ear safety rules demand respect for one of the most sensitive sensory organs you have. Respecting both sets of rules will insure you can enjoy being a firearm owner and prevent damage to your hearing at the same time.



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