Gun Safety: Is My Gun Truly "Safe"?

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Is my firearm safe?

Gun Safety: Is My Gun Truly "Safe"?

Some people using 9mm pistols and other handguns mistakenly assume that putting the safety switch to the "on" position means the firearm cannot discharge. This is unfortunately not true. Pistol manufacturers are the first to point out that the "safe" setting on a pistol is controlled by mechanical means; all moving parts can break down, become inoperable or unreliable. You should never assume a firearm is unable to discharge, even when the safety is on.

A dropped pistol can and will discharge under the right conditions, even with the safety on. That is why the rules of gun safety include never leaning a shotgun, hunting rifle, or pistol against any object. Even with the safety on, sufficient force from an accidental fall may cause the gun to go off. When the firearm is loaded, or before it has been properly cleared after firing, you should always assume the gun can go off, regardless of the position of the safety.



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