Fundamentals of Gun Safety on the Firing Range

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What should I know about using a firing range?

Fundamentals of Gun Safety on the Firing Range

It may sound obvious, but those who teach gun safety say you can't stress it enough; the most important aspect of gun safety on the firing range is keeping the barrel pointed "downrange." The barrel should always face the target and never be pointed anywhere else. This safety step saves lives in case of an accidental discharge and helps keep safety top-of-mind for everyone using the facility. Whether you are using a shotgun, rifle, 9mm, or other firearms, they should all be pointed in the same direction at all times when on the range from the time they are unpacked and loaded until they are finally cleared and stowed.

If you encounter a malfunction or jam during your use of the firing range, you'll need to clear the firearm while still keeping muzzle pointed at the target. Do not clear a firearm outside the firing area. Live ammunition should be treated with respect and even if you are confident the gun is safe and need to fix a mechanical issue, don't remove it from the range unless you have unloaded, cleared and secured the firearm for transport. These basics in firearm safety can and do save lives.



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