Carrying Cases

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What is a good way to keep dust and grime off of my gun when it is being transported or stored?

Carrying Cases

Part of keeping a gun clean is making sure you have it stored away properly. Having a good case can help keep the dust from building up, as well as protect the gun from other substances. What type of case you invest in depends on what your preference is, as well as what type of gun you use. For example, if you have a 9mm handgun, you'll want a different case than if you are a shotgun enthusiast.

Carrying cases come in both hard and soft varieties. Hard cases are excellent for rough transport, and help protect the gun, as well as keep it clean. Soft cases may be a bit more practical for shorter trips where you want to keep the gun clean, but don't want it rattling around due to a hard case. They can also be ideal for home storage. You'll also want to decide if you want to lock your gun away when not in use.

Many guns come with a case at purchase, but you may want to consider investing in an additional one as well, depending on what you need. Think about the various things you will be doing with the gun and make the decision that works best with your lifestyle. For basic storage needs, either case type works well.



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