Silicone Cloth

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How can I remove fingerprints from the gun when I clean it?

Silicone Cloth

Any proper gun cleaning includes a final polish to remove all of the body oils and residue that have accumulated on the surface over time. Traditionally, this job went to an oily cloth that was rubbed over the surface of the gun, removing any traces of dust, dirt or grime that were left at the end of the cleaning.

These days there are other choices, and silicone gun cloth is a good option. It's not messy to use, and it works well to eliminate any leftover materials on the outside of your gun. This part of the cleaning is important, as fingerprints not only make the surface look messy, but also leave epidermal oils on the gun. Over time, these substances can contribute to corrosion and wind up damaging the outside.

The cloths are inexpensive and easy to use; a great addition to any gun-cleaning routine. Taking advantage of newer technologies such as these can help make cleaning and polishing your gun an easier task overall. Even though it is a small change, it is one that can make a big difference.



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