Gun Cleaning Supplies

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What are some examples of cleaning materials that can be used on a firearm?

Gun Cleaning Supplies

The gun cleaning supplies you need will vary depending on the type of firearm you use. Standard cleaning kits include the elements you need to get the job done, but there are a number of other items you may want to consider adding to your cleaning materials over time. Here are some that you can think about including:

  • Cleaning vise. Also sometimes used as a sighting system, a vise makes a great, secure cleaning platform as well.
  • Extension rods. These can help you reach those hard to get spots.
  • Bore light. Helpful to see into the bore, this is also a great item to have if you are inspecting or purchasing used firearms. There are also bore scopes that are sold to provide magnification.
  • Cleaning mat/pad. There are some mats that are made specifically as a surface for cleaning firearms.
  • Trigger pull scale. Measures the force of the trigger so it can be calibrated.
  • Cleaning pick. Another item that can help get you into those hard to reach places.
It can be nice to have extra supplies to customize the cleaning of your firearm in the way that you prefer. It doesn't matter if you have revolver handguns or a shotgun, as long as you follow the manufacturer's instructions and gather your materials ahead of time, cleaning should be easy.



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