Clean--And Inspect

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What else should I look for when cleaning a gun?

Clean--And Inspect

While gun cleaning is an important task, the time spent maintaining your firearm can serve another purpose as well. Since cleaning a gun means taking a closer look at it, an inspection can easily be done at the same time. Look for things such as cracks or other signs of wear or damage. You can benefit from taking this closer look if you own handguns, rifles or even shotguns. If you see anything that looks as if it may need repair, you may be able to catch it before it becomes a serious problem.

Damaged guns can be taken to a gunsmith for repair. If you think you have seen something that needs a closer look, bring it in to have it reviewed by a professional. If you aren't sure where there is a qualified gunsmith in your area, check with other gun owners or go through a professional association to find one near you. Cleaning your gun gives you an opportunity to make sure it is in top working order, as well as free of dust, dirt and other debris. It doesn't take additional time either--just a watchful eye.



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