Developing A Gun Cleaning Routine

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What is the best way to insure cleaning a firearm goes smoothly?

Developing A Gun Cleaning Routine

Gun cleaning and care can be made easier by taking the time to develop a good maintenance routine. Once you have the proper tools and know the best way to clean your gun, finding a good place to perform the cleaning is helpful. Try to select a spot in your home that has good light so you can see easily. You'll also want to make sure there is good ventilation so that fumes from the cleaning products don't build up. If you have a table you can use to keep all the parts visible, all the better; just be sure to throw some type of cover over it to protect your gun as well as to prevent things from rolling off. As a safety measure, avoid bringing ammunition into the room where you will be cleaning your gun.

Store your cleaning kit somewhere accessible and make sure to re-stock items when you are getting low. You may also want to store the gun's manual there so you have the instructions handy to refresh your memory should you need it. If you are able to get a good routine together for cleaning your gun it can make things go much more smoothly.



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