Cleaning Kits

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What are the basic items included in gun cleaning kits?

Cleaning Kits

So what items do you need to keep your gun clean? While the specific answer to this question depends on what firearm you own, the good news is that various cleaning kits are sold for the different types of guns that are on the market these days. Items that are recommended for a basic cleaning kit include things such as:

  • A bristle brush. Many people prefer to use brass brushes, and it is a good idea to have one for each of your firearms, as they will work best if matched to the specific size of the gun.
  • Bore solvent.
  • Gun oil.
  • Patches, patch holders and cleaning rods; again sized properly for the firearm.
Whether you own pocket pistols or large rifles, the basic cleaning supplies are typically similar. Check with your gun manufacturer for any recommendations for your particular firearm--that way you'll be sure you have all of the necessary items. Most people also have a few old cloths on hand and an old toothbrush or two for detail work and polishing. It can help to keep these things together in an area where they will be easily accessible. You'll probably be more likely to keep to a regular cleaning schedule if you have everything handy.



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